Icebergs and Sharks

There’s this terrifying thing about icebergs. The spectacular display that we see is just a frosty cold swimming cap, bobbing away on the surface. More apt, at least I reckon, is a comparison to the dorsal fin of a predatory shark.

All any of us see, pottering around in our day to lives, is the fin. The atmospherics of the Jaws music barely audible over the noise we fill our lives with – media, news, social interaction, consumerism, causes. Often the approach of that shark is drowned out and none of us see it until it’s too late. Then we’re left surprised by events that unfold.

People are like icebergs too, oftentimes. We only ever see the tiniest fragment of them, shining away in the sun, while the depth of them stretches down into the dark and cold. Yet we judge everything on that tiny fragment of them which is sweating itself to death to stay in the sun.

The truly terrifying thing about people, though, is that some of them are only showing a dorsal fin…

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