Fragmented Basics: Unity

Had a little though earlier. Nothing special.

It went like this:

“If somebody started a new party now, called it , balanced Lab/Con policy, mandated ousting tosspot MPs and staying in EU. It would fly.

I reckon you could crowdfund a whole GE campaign and take a seat majority with between now and October, no problem at all.

key policy: 1) Indyref2 for Scotland 2) No Brexit but active MEP campaign Brussels reform 3) Zero tolerance racial hatred/incitement.

Seriously, someone should do this thing. I’ll have a think later about a proper policy jobby and chuck it out there, see what happens.”

So, this is me just thinking out loud. What if someone did decide to do that, and it had a manifesto which looked like the below, would there be anything in it?

It’s rough as hell, but food for thought nonetheless


Core Principles and Constitution:

1) The Unity Party shall be strictly limited to service of two terms of government and in any case shall be dissolved by an act of Parliament on the 1st of June 2024 (Unity Disolution Act 2016) upon which date a general election shall be held.

2) Any activity of the party shall be crowdfunded and free membership shall be available to all. All accounts and any minutes to meetings shall be maintained publicly at all times.

3) The purpose of the party is to execute this manifesto before it is dissolved, and to provide breathing space in which Britain’s main, established political parties can reset themselves in order to better serve the electorate and the international community. The party shall act solely and decisively in the best interests of all citizens and residents of the United Kingdom.

4) The party welcomes existing Members of Parliament who wish to join us and serve their communities by delivering this manifesto before the party is dissolved, at which point they are free to realign themselves as will best serve their constituents in the refreshed political geography.

International Policy:

The EU:


Article 50 will not be triggered and Brexit will not be taken forward due to economic damage to ourselves and community partners. Significant damage has been done, but we shall honour the ongoing commitment to the EU.


We commit to reform the EU by maintaining pressure on current change programmes and by taking forwards a reform programme under our presidency term. We commit to fielding suitable MEP candidates to better represent the interest of the country in the EU.

Immigration and Free Movement:

Free movement remains in place and is essential. We will propose that all EU countries put in pace suitable information sharing systems to facilitate cross population of police databases and seek a broader agreement on the disapplication of free movement principles in the cases of criminals convicted of serious crimes.

Immigration From Outside the EU:

We will work with the EU to restore order in Calais and with the rest of Europe to enhance the way migratory immigration is handled.

International Aid:

The entire UK international aid programme shall be suspended while the veracity of ‘need’ in cases is investigated. Where the aid budget can be reduced, this money will be allocated specifically to the NHS.


We shall maintain all memberships and obligations.

Military Operations:

The British Army will not be deployed in armed conflict without debate in Parliament, and public opinion will form a significant part of any such decisions.

Domestic Policy:


Scotland shall hold a second independence referendum, based around our manifesto to remain in the EU. Will we support their decision and ensure fair principles in drawing the median line of the oil fields are put in place.

Northern Ireland:

The Northern Ireland agreements which have provided stability and peace will not be altered or negotiated.


The Welsh Assembly shall remain in place.


The full time Cornish population shall be given a referendum as to whether to establish an assembly in line with the Welsh model.

Suspension of Reform Programmes:

All Conservative reform programmes are suspended with immediate effect, pending investigation and review.

Benefits System, Foodbanks and Wasted Produce:

The Benefits System shall undergo a fresh, external review. Accounting for 28% of national expenditure it must be reformed, but the correct method must be identified that will not bring about hardship or poverty.

An Act of Parliament shall be introduced providing that all produce unused at the end of each day by Supermarkets, which would be destined for rubbish or recycling, be given to foodbanks and registered foodbank users. A mechanism to facilitate this will be set in the act.

Policing & Fire:

Police and Fire Service pensions shall be reinstated to the pre-amendment schemes in recognition of the serious risks faced in both roles. No police or fire officer shall serve more than thirty years from the day of joining.

Negotiations on a return to the Pre-Winsor payscales for police officers will be subject to an initial agreement to reintroduce the pre-2004 fitness test and that this test be repeated six monthly throughout service.

The role of PCSO will be abolished.

The College of Policing will be abolished and a council of senior officers, practitioners and academics established – membership of which will rotate annually.

All fast-track schemes are to be abolished.

Education, University & Young People:

A review of the curriculum will be carried out to ensure that there is sufficient development in the next generation to encourage both creative and critical thinking.

University fees will remain, for now, subject to a full financial exploration of the recently implemented system.

NHS & Health:

The NHS budget will be ringfenced by an act of parliament.

Justice and Prisons:

Any review of the courts and prison services will be practitioner led and their ideas presented to a committee established for this purpose. Any amendments will then be put before parliament and enshrined in law.

Security Services & Legislation:

The draft legislation known colloquially as the Snooper’s charter is abolished and will not return in altered format.

A full review of RIPA will be undertaken.

Taxation and HMRC:

Taxation and duties are frozen pending a full review of public finances.

The HMRC will be ordered to pursue all larger sums of outstanding payments.

Banned Organisations:

By Act of Parliament, the EDL, National Front, BNP and UKIP shall become domestically proscribed organisations. They may apply to vary their inclusion and will have to do so in public forum.

Media Companies, Responsibility and Publications:

Any form of media which misleads, applies pressure, misinforms or inflames pubic opinion shall be suspended from circulation.

Democracy, Parliament and Oversight:

Think tanks rated less than transparent with their funding arrangements shall be made illegal. No government policy will ever come directly from a think tank.

All Members of both houses will be legally bound to the code of conduct. Failure to comply wil result in dismissal from the houses with immediate effect and that member shall be struck off permanently.

The fixed term Parliament act shall be amended to include two clauses which will trigger general elections, namely: 1) Where there is a crisis situation, of no less gravity than Brexit and 2) Where there is a change of leadership and/or manifesto of the plarty eading the Government.


2 thoughts on “Fragmented Basics: Unity

  1. Tanya

    Uni fees JP…. Got to go.


    1. jamesp79

      Agree, but this hypothetical party doesn’t know why they are there!


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