Holding Brexit Politicians To Account

Last night this letter was sent to almost every national publication. I do not care about exclusivity, nor whether it is printed by any of them.

“Dear Editor,

I was the police officer who brought the issue of manipulated crime statistics before the Public Administration Select Committee in November 2013 – an inquiry which exposed the mass manipulation of the way police forces recorded serious offences. Though the investigation led to significant change for the better, I was but one voice at the start of it and stood alone as a serving officer against the might of my superiors. Now, as then, I cannot abide any deception of the people by holders of public offices.

I have read all commentary on the Leave campaign’s deception and have satisfied myself that even members of the House of Lords concur that the public was lied to, at a cost of billions of pounds already and the ultimate price of democracy – which will impact upon this country for many years.

Having seen sensational and irresponsible reporting from the mainstream media, I put little or no faith in that avenue being the correct course of action to achieve recompense for the citizens and residents of the United Kingdom.

There is, however, a proper course of corrective action which, if followed, will lead to the service of justice upon the people who led a whole nation up the garden path.

Whilst I believe that we cannot now be saved from the broader impacts of Brexit, those responsible must be held to account, and properly too. There are serious questions raised, well beyond the simplicity of the Parliamentary Code of Conduct, and it is quite possible that a simple criminal offence of fraud has been committed, contrary to the Act of 2006. This is without considering misconduct in a public office.

I appreciate the reluctance of authorities to intervene, as they constantly misunderstand issues of absolute privilege and, sadly, leadership in such organisations has a tendency to self-preserve. On the other hand, I am bound and beholden to no man. I am now free to pursue avenues not only without fear or favour but also without mercy. Retired though I may be, I remain a passionate fighter for people who cannot fight for themselves in games of such bewildering rules and have shown this before in taking on the whole police service, exposing a much more prolonged and complex lie to bring about real change.

I feel that I have been left no option but to engage in a campaign to ensure that the deceit and its effect is fully exposed and that those who perpetrated it are properly held to account. It is, in my view, essential that this is done in order to ensure that our system of democracy cannot fail us again. Brexit was never a game, yet has been played like one to the detriment of us all. I cannot sit and do nothing, it’s simply not the way I am built.

A number of us are utterly horrified at the vapid behaviour which has caused an untold mess, and that sentiment bridges the divide created by the snide definition of people as either Leavers or Remainers. The disgust at our elected representatives is now the unifying bond of our nation, a deep and troubling sadness all of its own.

I cannot fully explain how utterly heartbroken I am at this result – it turning over a rock which has left the ugly, vile racists and extreme nationalists feeling empowered to do and say whatever they please. I fear for the future of my son and daughter, who will have to be brought up in a narrow, visceral nation that only thinks of itself. What has this country done?!

And now we delay pulling the trigger of the gun we’ve aimed at our own head, punishing our neighbours for our own self-destruction. These people we hold to uncertain economic ransom are our friends and allies, without the embrace of whom we may have remained the ‘sick man of Europe’, or worse become a phantom. A ghost nation, years dead.

The worst of all of this is the flagrant treachery, which has exposed rabid, thoughtless self-interest, and a choice to engage in the shameful manipulation of the public by those elected and trusted to behave impeccably. Those responsible for this are not fit to hold office a moment longer. They have unleashed misery not just upon us, but millions of others here and abroad, and for what? An enhanced trade deal, career promotions and the pursuit of an ideology which is only held in check by our membership of the EU. It’s a horrific state of affairs and must not be let to slide.

We are not a nation of cowards and must face up to our fate together, taking the consequences on the chin with a stiff upper lip. What we absolutely cannot do, however, is allow the deeds of the cowards haunting the halls of Westminster to be forgotten or forgiven – neither those who actively deceived nor the opportunists who remained silent on the most important national matter for generations, until it suited their own needs.

I will be setting out a case for action by the Parliamentary Standards Commission, and referring any potential criminal matters for investigation. My influence is limited, my contacts book much smaller than a few years ago, but if I don’t try to do the right thing, how on earth could I ever call myself British?


James Patrick”

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