Fuck Staying Down.

They say a lot of things. The they who run the shows and pull the strings. Who set them  up and knock them down. On progress they say “progress is progress no matter how small.”

It’s true.

A few weeks ago I hit the wall which I’d been running towards and it hurt like hell, but good people picked me up so I could start climbing over it and here I am.

I’ve finally been caught by the welfare safety net. Housing doors are opening. Things are moving, cogs are turning. Albeit those things are creaking, there is movement. And movement is everything.

I’m climbing up and out and along the way I’ll do what I can to help others.

From the worst day I made it to the full moon and the launch of Forever Completely, which is selling now and starting to get good reviews. Cynefin Road, my long term way out, has gone from being a pipe dream to being a reality – because of sheer bloody mindedness on my part, rather than good fortune – and the second title, The Star Princess (which my children illustrated), is also out against the odds and doing quite well so far. But there are still hills to climb. Next I have to find a house which, in this market, is a bloody nightmare but not insurmountable as it once appeared.

I haven’t really got a lot to say, not today. Just that I’m climbing up and out and along the way I’ll do what I can to help others. Practically, at first, this just means donating some of the proceeds of Forever Completely to Shelter and Save The Children, but as things grow I intend to expand upon this.

The next project is the definitive edition of the book which seemed to be the start of all of the problems, The Rest Is Silence, being released on the third anniversary of the PASC inquiry into crime figures. It’s a very different version this time and I’m going to be putting all of this crap to bed once and for all. Because half of climbing out is going to be escaping the damage done too. Though I can’t give everything to COPS now, they will still be getting 10%.

They say “progress is progress no matter how small” and I have my reasons for saying it’s true. If you are on the same journey, take some heart. It is possible and I’m with you all the way.


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