Commissioner’s Application

Dear Sadiq Khan and Amber Rudd,

If I were permitted to apply for the role – which I’m not – my application for the role of Commissioner of the police of the metropolis would include the following:

I would take no more than half of the offered Salary (approximately £276,000 a year) on the understanding that four new officers were recruited for deployment to the most understaffed stations.

I would refuse any further benefits and insist that any housing or relocation allowance be donated, evenly split, between Domestic Violence and Housing charities.

I would insist that my working pattern ensures my availability for 32 Friday and Saturday night shifts per year, working on response teams in each of my boroughs, under the command of a rank no higher than sergeant.

I would also insist that every Monday be dedicated to an open surgery at each Borough and within each department.

It would be my specific request that my contract should last no more than 12 months.

In terms of reform, I would only take the role on the understanding that:

1) The Metropolitan Police’s national functions, relevant budgets, and suitably qualified staff and resources be handed over to the NCA by the end of the first twelve months;

2) That The Directorate of Professional Standards be placed under the joint executive control of the IPCC and the Mayor’s Office by the end of the first year;

3) That the force itself be quartered into four constabularies, North, South, East and West, with resource distributed and structures settled upon the completion of non standard analysis, within the first twelve months;


4) After the twelve months term of office, the position of Commissioner of the police of the metropolis be abolished, with the panel of four constabulary chiefs reporting to the Mayor directly.

My final term would be the creation of a public library, in which all reports critical of the Metropolitan Police are left, unedited, open to the public scrutiny they deserve.

I have no doubt such terms would cause raised eyebrows and calls of “it can’t be done”.

But if I could apply – which I can’t – I would not respond with words. I’d get on with it.


James Patrick.

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