Fuck Rabid Masculinity.



possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men.

“handsome, muscled, and driven, he’s a prime example of masculinity”

It’s a hot topic, masculinity, in particular this rapidly expanding definition of the rabid kind being displayed to us across the world. I’m not sorry to say it is making me feel ashamed to be a man.

Heckling the victims of sexual offences, bullying, name calling, denial, threats. The increasing use of the term ‘cuck’ directed at any man who stands up and decries it. Proclamations of locker room talk, harmless banter. Posturing. The natural ways of things. And it goes on, with the ridiculous slamming of expenditure on tampons, attributed to bladder control problems. The demeaning of feminists by people clearly too stupid to understand the world, let alone other people.

This is the bravado I’ve seen displayed countless times by exactly the kind of weak man who finds himself being arrested for domestic violence, and I want to tell you something.

I don’t need to feel ashamed of being a man because none of these creatures are men. These limp beings are terrified their weakness will be displayed.

we aren’t dealing with masculinity here. We are dealing with evil, awful, chicken shits

The being that used to beat my mother to a pulp, in the days before she met my father, wasn’t a man. The lad I tore off my teenage friend at a carnival once, while she was unconscious, wasn’t a man – nor was his friend who kicked the shit out of me afterwards. My sister’s ex, not a man. And these are just people I know.

I was raised by a real man, my dad, who taught me to walk away from fights, to never act lightly, and to respect women because they are the best of us. For this reason, I’ve struggled to comprehend how this has even become a problem in the modern world. Nonetheless, it has.

But it’s struck me, we aren’t dealing with broad questions of masculinity here, a fragile thing which is earned not gifted, to paraphrase Norman Mailer. We are dealing with those same piggy-eyed, abusive, coercive, entitled men who I always took great pleasure in arresting.

Unlike them, I know damn well I could put anyone of them on their backside, with a smile on my face, yet I don’t. Because I don’t need to. Because I am a man. What I won’t do, however, is sit quietly and listen to any of the dross and shite they spout without taking whatever route I can to put them back in their box.

That’s not because I’m a man, and it’s not because women need my help, but simply because it’s what a decent person would do.

This is an issue for society, and it’s about time all decent people did the right thing

And that’s the bottom line, we aren’t dealing with masculinity here. We are dealing with evil, awful, chicken shits and it’s about time we separated the issue for everyone’s sake. 

When decent people come together against the indecent and twisted, it becomes apparent that we aren’t dealing with a feminist issue, nor a masculinity one. There is no convenient box which the matter can be put into to define and belittle it – which is precisely how these abusers win. So, fuck rabid masculinity.

This is an issue for society, and it’s about time all decent people did the right thing, not for women, nor for men, but for everyone.

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