Letters From Mexico #4

Hey Darlin’,

Reading your letter over a cup of Joe (they call it that after a guy called Joseph Daniels who banned all the fun stuff in the Navy – prostitutes, alcohol, drugs – around World War I), I felt my heart melt a little more. I love you, kid. In all of the ways a person can love another and then some.

Today’s been plain sailing. I was sat on the roof at dawn, watching the overcast sky surrender some sun on the suburbs. A sliver of light crossing the sprawl at this crazy, horizontal angle.

After, I took my usual stroll to the office, where I shortened my presentation for the media workshop down and sent it on for graphics. Then I knuckled into the final report – benefitting from the need not to edit as it’ll be translated anyways. It makes for a scary read, in my eyes at least. Things aren’t just bad, they’re worse. But if I can help change that, even one part of it, I’ll be a happy man.

You remember how I said I’d never work for anyone else again? Well, I would, but only in this crazy office, with the cuckoo clocks, flying bikes, and Davinci’s flying machine swinging overhead. Of course there was a little fun today too – I had to do some filming, so you’ll have gurning to look forward to, with the added bonus of subtitles this time. They reckon it will be two weeks or so. I had to pose for a load of photos as well (which you know I hate) but if they send me one which is decent I’ll mail it straight to you.

So’s you know, I’m still keeping your side of the bed and counting the days til I get home.

Yours always,


This letter is a reply to https://quietradicals.wordpress.com/2016/10/28/letter-to-that-boy-3/

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