Hedge Funding

A week into this journey of creating a completely new film studio out of nothing and it’s been both lovely (see the comments building on the Ko-Fi page, which is how you support the project) and interesting…on a lot of levels.

There’s a learning curve with film-making, that much I’ll give you, but it’s in realising just how different Hedge Fund Studio that all the lights go on.

I had no idea, at least not at first, films are largely privately funded through an elaborate investment tax relief scheme for people already wealthy. (It’s called EIS if you want to look it up). That’s definitely not what Hedge Fund is about, which immediately creates our biggest asset and biggest challenge: whether it works or not is entirely reliant on the community it grows from.

Then there’s the whole tax relief set up, which isn’t something Hedge Fund will be structured to take advantage of. It’s all quite off-putting when you start to look into it.

Thankfully, I guess, we’re doing it ALL differently. I crowdfund, I pay my taxes in the absolutely normal way and we make films. There’s no magic, no schemes. I’ll admit it is the hard way, but what’s the point in doing anything in good heart if there’s no mild peril? It’s something every film we’ve ever watched has told us, ironically.

You can get more detail on the project as a whole here.

So far, over a hundred people have joined our fledgling community and we’re hovering around 3% of the overall budget needed to make our first feature. 

And those lovely people are already helping build the script for our first film, Naked Bears – something everyone who joins in will be able to do.

The members’ votes on the environmental project the first film will help support are also well underway, and it’s a close run contest at the moment. If you want to be part of it too, all you have to do is become part of the family.

However, there’s a long way to go and the project has been swallowed up in the week’s Brexit news cycle madness, which is a shame. I hope we’ll get it back on track now, but it’s all down to you.

So, if you feel like it’s something you want to get involved in, it would be a pleasure to have you aboard.

I’ll check in at the end of next week with an update and some news on distribution options and what we’re aiming for as a return on the first film. Until then, here’s a short video I made earlier, having a bit of quiet time.

Have a great weekend and be good to one another.

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