The Road Home.

It’s been a long road home. To the place where the nature feels just right. Where I belong.

There’s a word for this in Welsh, you know? Cynefin.

I haven’t arrived here by the beaten path – and certainly not by the safest route – but some of life’s journeys have purpose even when you see only darkness on the way. Coming home has been the best and worst of the fights I’ve ever had and it began in 2014, when I lost the career I loved for the sake of doing the right thing.

I survived that. And the alcohol which followed. I survived starting over, then the end of my first marriage, then the loss of the business I’d fought hard to build. I even survived the darker moments inbetween, creaking rafters and rope.

After that, after the bankruptcy court in early 2016, I started to pick my way through the great wilderness of life, finding my way out of the woods and arriving with the ill effects of malnutrition etched into me, but more free than I had ever been. The only weight I carried – physically and metophorically – was this pressing need to pay forwards every ounce of kindness I had been shown.

A year later, discharged from the bankruptcy and still a wreck in many ways, desire to do something good spinning wildly like a compass which had lost North, I fell into a hybrid war as a journalist and took the knocks which come with such courses of action.

Now, at the very beginning of 2019, dues paid and scars to prove the path travelled healed, I’m standing with a blended family built entirely of love and ready to build a home which knows no boundaries, where we can all belong. Cynefin for everyone. Cynefin for good.

Every journey has a point, you see. A purpose. A reason.

Mine, as far I genuinely believe, was to reconnect me with life, with nature, with people, and to set a fire in me, brightly burning the entrepreneurial spirit – as much a part of me as green eyes and asymmetrical ears – and combining it for the first time with the ridiculous element of my soul which can’t help but try and put good things into the world.

So, here I am. Ready to do something bonkers again. Preparing to launch an environmental charity to help us preserve and understand the natural glory around us. To bring all of its beauty and teachings to us in new ways and to create more sustainable ways in which we can live with the world rather than just being passengers on a planet’s surface.

This escapade isn’t about the journey but the destination. Cynefin itself.

A new adventure for all of us starts now with one simple idea in mind: making our home the best it can be, by changing the way we interact with it for good. This is where the road home stops. This is a compass finding north. This is paying it forward.

I can’t wait to tell you more in the coming weeks and months and you will find every last detail here.

Whatever your own journey has been or still is, the door is open and the fire is lit. Welcome home.


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