Welcome To Hedge Fund Studio:

Imagine there was a different way to make films.

A way people could get involved in the production process at the very beginning and follow it through to seeing their name on the end credits as they roll.

A way to bring stories to life which not only feeds your eyes and ears but brings rich allegory and truth to the world in often unexpected ways.

A way to make change in a medium everyone can connect with, without boundaries, and which can help secure at least a chance of a future for the world we live in.

Hedge Fund Studio doesn’t just imagine this, it makes this reality.

From Tiny Seeds:

There’s no real PR puff to this project, it’s quite simple.

The Hedge Fund Studio pitches projects direct to its supporters and, in exchange for a social contract, makes the films then uses a part of the revenues generated to fund environmental projects which benefit our future.

They say it’s from tiny seeds that big things grow and it’s this which forms the whole basis of Hedge Fund Studio.

There isn’t a huge range of rewards on offer, and 15% isn’t being deducted by a hosting platform. All we ask is that you chip in a minimum of $3.00 (which used to be a lot less in £ but is about the same now) towards our first feature film Naked Bears (see below).

The maths are basic: For every $3.00 you put in – which is about the cost of a coffee – it goes straight to the budget after any third party transaction fees. The higher the budget, the more we invest in the film. That’s it.

When we hit the target, we go straight into production and we’ll spend the time inbetween finishing and polishing the script.

There’s no time pressure, unless you think we should just get on with it and subsequently smash the target straight away.

Then, when the first film is done and cut, we release it via Amazon and Vimeo, so it can be streamed anywhere in the world for a small price, and we put the revenue back into making more films and enhancing our distribution options.

But here’s what is different: the social contract. An agreement between us and you.

The Social Contract:

If you support Hedge Fund Studios, your name will always appear in the end credits of any film, series, or documentary we make. Forever.

But that’s not the deal. It’s more of a mutual thing.

When you support the project we will ask you to vote on one of three options, defining where the revenue from the next finished film should go – and we’re saying 15% of net revenue will always go to environmental projects, while the rest will be put towards our next productions.

We want to grow and we want to make sure efforts to make the world better grow with us.

In return all we ask is that you pass the message on and try to get more people involved. Think of it like a woodland and every one of you is a tree: we want to start with a copse and create a forest – both metaphorically and physically.

And if you want to turn a one-off cup of coffee into a regular thing, we can accept that too.

But that’s still not all.

We’ll keep you up to date on the behind the scenes stuff, send you electronic copies of the scripts for you to keep – but not share – and we’ll run lotteries which will see you win items from films, signed bits and bobs, and even get you down to sets as extras or cameos.

So, that’s the social contract. Less of a business thing and more an invitation to be part of a community. A family.

Because what else is there that’s more important than doing good stuff together?


Under The Canopy:

So, it’s not a complicated idea: the community helps Hedge Fund Studio make films and, as a community, we make more great films and give something back to the world too.

There’s no big secret about what we’ve got lined up for starters – and it’s already a growing list.

Our first feature is going to take a look under the canopy of big data, troll farms, and social media to bring a complex topic to life in a way it might just make a little more sense. We’ve costed it out and we can bring this in for around £50,000 (which is $66,000 for now).

That’s only 22,000 cups of coffee (or 0.6 coffees each, if you are one of James’ 37.2k Twitter followers).

Best of all, we’re already collaborating with experienced screenwriters, pitch specialists, and others to help us bring words to life in glorious filmic quality – because they believe in the Hedge Fund Studio idea too.

This little acorn of an idea, a crazy little hope-filled nut, has legs. All that’s missing is you.

Here’s a list of what we’ve got in the pipeline as of now – which isn’t bad as, at the time of writing, we haven’t raised a penny:



First Feature:

Naked Bears

Minimum Budget: £50,000 ($66,000)

Greg is thirty-something Londoner and Chief Security Officer for social media giant Connect, the global home of adorable kittens, alternative news, first world problems, and overt substance addiction. Despite growing international concerns over shady data practices and the platform’s alliances with rogue warfare companies, life is good. That is until Greg opens an email from his friend at Sprite, the mico-blogging platform which feeds the news pony and divides the world 200 characters at a time.

Caught in a compromising position by online spies, Greg is left with no choice but to walk away from Connect with all of the platform’s usernames and passwords. Which is how he ends up naked on a seatless chair in the Rascalian embassy.

Naked Bears is a satirical journey into the world behind the world around us, pulling back the curtain on something which has touched us all in a way people might just understand…

Second Feature:

Forever Completely

Budget: TBC

The world has gone mad. War rages across Europe and the Middle East and Britain has been drinking infected water, poisoned minds inflicting violence upon each other and committing brutal acts of self-harm. Only the witches, like Alfie, make it to Cornwall for a fresh start. But there’s a small matter of the open portal to The Void to contend with.

The question is: will love and the help of Jeanette, an elderly hedge witch with a penchant for eye-watering tracksuits, be enough to stop The Other from sliding through the open door to finish the job mankind started?

Forever Completely is a story of coming home when the world goes insane and there’s nothing left but the tiniest seed of hope…



The Fall

Budget: TBC

Series based upon the The Fall podcast dedicated to preparedness – with practical advice and tips to suit every scenario from bad weather, to cooking, to finding yourself trapped in the real-world mainfestation of The Road…


Ad Hoc

Budget: TBC (on an individual basis)

30 minute and 1 hour investigative documentaries taking a detailed look at a range of issues before they become news elsewhere.

Other Projects:

Ad Hoc

Budget: TBC (on an individual basis)

Collaborative production projects in the pipeline.


So, this is Hedge Fund Studio.

Don’t just imagine there is a different way to make films. Come home, plant your roots, and be part of a new community which aims to make the world a little better.

If you want to be part of Hedge Fund Studio, you can add your support via our Ko-Fi page, which you can find here.

It should automatically provide us with your email address so we can send out your social contract and the updates and news from the studo.

That’s it. As painless and as simple as the idea itself.

Thank you.

Your Data:We will only store this information securely on our email server and will only use it to communicate with you about Hedge Fund Studio in line with what we’ve set out above. You can opt out at any time. The financial transaction records of your donation will be retained electronically for accounting purposes. We don’t share any of this with third parties and if we ever think that might be necessary, we’ll ask you first! If there’s ever a problem, you will be the first to know.