Of course, J.J. Patrick isn’t one for keeping his hat out of the ring. He’s currently building a body of journalistic work too, often focused on column-length opinion pieces.

He first tried out this new world with a series of pieces for the acclaimed Justice Gap online magazine when he first left the police, and the articles have survived to this day.

His opinion pieces Brexit series, published by the well respected Scottish magazine The Common Space, earned him quite a following. From his investigative poke into the murky world of psychometrics, a truly dystopian Brexit worst case scenario, and his nuclear sketch of an independent Scotland, it’s clear J.J. has no intention of sticking to books or blogging.

Taking a novel approach to journalism is no barrier to J.J. Patrick, with his escapades often leading him into uncharted water, where he found himself crowdfunding a court case against the alt-right and traveling to Malmo to set the record straight on allegations of mass immigration crime waves.

He is now an NUJ member and works with Byline, publishing a regular column and writing exclusives.

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